Hendersonville Golden Invitational

The 32nd annual Hendersonville Golden Invitational will be held Saturday, September 18, 2021 at Hendersonville High School in Hendersonville, TN.

Ticket price $8.

*NEW* This Year: 
We will be utilizing the Tennessee Bandmasters (TBA) Adjudication Sheets for all bands in competition.

CRITIQUE For Every Band:

Just as in past years our event will be a single-run competition.  Every band will go straight from the field to a session indoors with one of our three highly-qualified critique judges.  The band members and staff will get immediate feedback from the adjudicator as they watch and listen to the performance they just presented on the field.


Music Ensemble - Megan Christian - Knoxville, TN

Music Effect - J. Jeff Beckman - Nashville, TN

Visual Ensemble - Tim Dolan - Knoxville, TN

Visual Effect - R. Adam Clark - Hendersonville, TN

Percussion - Edward Freytag - Smyrna, TN

Color Guard - Amy Stewart - Knoxville, TN

Non-Scoring Critique - Blair Callaway - Jacksonville, AL

Non-Scoring Critique - Allen Kennedy - Nashville, TN

Non-Scoring Critique - Kip Crowder - Glasgow, KY